Stationery that's good for the planet

We believe paper products can be sustainable without compromising style and quality.

What are the benefits of using FSC-Certified paper?

All our gorgeously-designed planners are crafted with FSC Certified ecologic paper that is uncoated and has no chemical additives. Feels good to touch, smooth to write on, and thick enough to avoid bleeding. 

FSC Certified paper from responsibly-managed forests is the only credible certification endorsed by major environmental charities like WWF (above recycled paper).

The non-for-profit international organisation, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) uses a "system of inspecting and tracking pulp right to the chain. So far, 174m hectares of forests have met its strict criteria. Violence and displacement of indigenous peoples are also prohibited in its chain. This is crucial as forests support 1.6 billion of the poorest people in the world." *(source_The Guardian)

2024 Weekly A5 Planner | Luxe Edition Komorebi

FSC-Certified and REACH compliant

Inside every Komorebi planner is paper in an eye-pleasing cream colour, with a satin-like texture that feels luxurious to look at and write on. The weight of our planner pages ranges from 100 gsm to 125gsm, depending on the format, and specific paper weight information can be found on the individual product pages.

Eco-friendly packaging

Our planners are thoughtfully wrapped in exquisite tissue paper and presented in a recyclable black cardboard box that doubles as a keepsake. Our aim is to make it easy for anyone to tackle the 'war on waste' and switch to more sustainable alternatives.

Limited editions

Excess is the enemy of sustainability, eating up resources, power, and effort. That’s why Komorebi Planners are unique, limited editions, with small runs. This preserves the uniqueness of the planners and the resources of the planet at the same time!