our story

Planning with Purpose

There is something special about holding a planner in your hands, about feeling its weight as you fill up the pages with dreams, hopes, and goals.

Meet the Founder

Hi, I’m Elka. As a busy mother, entrepreneur and designer, I love planning. It helps me stay productive and accountable, lowers my stress levels, and stops me from overthinking.

Pretty planners are a form of artistic expression for me, one that honours my imagination and the life I’m creating.

That’s why I created Komorebi Luxe Planners, to reflect both the artistry of planning and its importance in my life.

Design Meets Functionality

Your planner needs to reflect the creativity and spirit with which you live your life. Komorebi designs covers that are timeless, true art collectibles. The gorgeous, intricate illustrations will inspire you as you strive towards your dream life. The natural world is at the heart of Komorebi.

Sustainable Art

Protecting this earth that we live on has to be part of any person’s long-term goals. That’s why all our gorgeously-designed planners are made from 100% FSC Certified paper, responsibly sourced from managed forests. Stylish, eco-friendly paper products to help you live a sustainable life.

The Ideal Life Planner

Komorebi eco-friendly planners are designed to be able to encompass every aspect of your life, from your work appointments to your life goals. They have a simple but expansive format, one that will allow you to prioritise self-care, keeping you accountable and productive.